Volunteering for Research Projects

IRB Credentials

As of October 27, 2019 I am certified by the International Research Bureau on CITI Health Information Privacy and Security (HIPS) and Human Subjects Research (Basic Course).

Vending Machine Project

With the help of Cristina Palacios, Florida International’s Honors student Karina conducted a research project to determine the perception of vending machine snacks at FIU by other students and how we could make them healthier. To help, I spent time handing out surveys and ensuring people took them, and aided in data input once all 200 responses were received. 


Using an app created by FIU students called ‘Snackability’, Cristina Polacios and graduate students conducted a study to help students determine the healthiness of their snack. To do so, the students would, over 12 weeks, input their snacks into the app where it would be rated on healthiness based the USDA’s guidelines. This 12-week study consisted of  weekly meetings throughout the summer, recruiting techniques, and online surveys.

I participated by adapting to the COVID measures and using professors emails, and other FIU social media accounts to other students and gain participants. Additionally, I participated in the weekly meetings and came up with a recruitment video idea.