Nutrition Intern:

Alexandra Paetow allowed me to intern with her starting in the Spring of 2020. As a private practice dietitian who specializes in postpartum nutrition, I have been able to learn the importance of teaching clients instead of just telling them what they should do. Additionally, I have created resources for her clients using Canva and iMovie, which has allowed me to enhance my marketing skills.

Teaching Intern:

From Fall of 2019 through the Spring of 2020 (even through COVID), I worked with FIU Professor Maikel Alendy as he taught a honors course to Freshman students. Being a freshman myself I was able to add helpful advice for the course. Additionally, there were weeks when Kaylin (the other intern) and I had to teach the class ourselves because the Professor was in a meeting. I was able to sharpen my teaching and leadership abilities through these opportunities as we led the class in completing their research projects.